Paper Angels

Boutique Paper Apparel

I've heard it said, "It's what's in the name that matters". Since I love definitions, this might help you understand the meaning behind the name. The definitions:  
PAPER, Noun; a (1): a felted sheet of usually organic fibers laid down on a fine screen from a water suspension. Easily torn or ripped.  
ANGEL, Noun; a (1): winged figure of human form in fine art / (6) inspiration from God. 
Doesn't that explain us all. Aren't we all easily torn and yet still an inspiration from God above. 
I hope my inspired, sometimes silly, hand-made paper apparel encourages you and lifts you up. Maybe more of us can get back to the hand held sentiments too. Keep something for yourself or give it away. Regardless, my Paper Angel friend, let me help.

​Paper Angels started in 2016 with a little encouragement from above. And I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. I remember being a kid and hearing, "Holly, you just wait, after high-school, you'll really see how quickly time will fly."  ​Well those who said that were right! Now after: college, a decent career in the construction industry, my marriage to my husband Lance, and two children later.... 

​​I see how quickly time really does fly.  Paper Angels Crafts really started in my heart many years ago. My parents were always so amazing to cultivate creativity in my life and the life of my five siblings.  And I love them for that!  ​​At 35 years of age, when my daughter Corinne was born, I got to feel a new sense of creativity. Two years later Elijah came into our world. And again, I was blessed to be a part of something wonderful and creative. These children are like no other but still, I am a part of their creation story.
I want Paper Angels to be an extension of my family and my joy for paper crafts. 
​I hope as the time continues to fly, they and others will feel that same joy: